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Javier Rhoden

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I picked this up last night, wanting to read just one poem, but I ended up reading all of them, the entire book AND I DON'T REGRET THAT!

I can’t explain how much Luminescence made me feel when I was reading. So many emotions! I am sure that very soon I’ll read it again!!

So, currently I’ve had some personal problems and I have felt a little demotivated, but some of those poems arrived at the exact moment that I needed them.

Here I found a collection of very inspiring poems, each one shone in its own way and some of them left you thinking about your life, how you feel, your future, your decisions. I was amazed by the depth and honesty of the poems. The author writes about sensitive topics with piercing imagination.

Izzy Vega,

The writer beautifully puts onto paper thoughts and feelings I’ve had for so long but never knew how to express. The way he shows the journey of being lonely to falling in love then the hardships that come with that passion to falling out of love, then the recovery after.
It’s an easy read and very relatable. It’s broken down in sections which makes it a page turner.
You can feel that the author put all his heart and soul into these poems and is sharing them with the world.
There’s something about the way the poems are presented that makes it feel like you’re going on a journey of self-discovery with him. With every page you turn, you discover another hidden gem.
This book is a roller-coaster of love, pain, realization, more pain, more realization, and finally release and moving on.


Jihane Kasbi,

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Javier Rhoden is an accomplished poet who has developed a unique style that emphasizes the use of lowercase letters and a minimalist approach to punctuation. This stylistic choice is a reflection of the importance of humility and a recognition of the smallness of the individual in the face of the vastness of the world. By eschewing traditional rules of grammar and punctuation, Javier invites his readers to enter into a more immersive experience, one in which the beauty of the language speaks for itself.

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